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Build Value In Your Business…By Going Away For Three Months!

Has the title of this month's article got your attention? Who wouldn't like a 3 month sabbatical, put up your hands! Like many entrepreneurs and small business owners you are probably struggling with your work-life balance. You are working long hours, sometimes weekends, when you go on vacation you can't help feeling the guilt, your phone or tablet is always on and always calling for your attention even at all hours of the night. Yet the reason you started your own business, apart from the passionate belief in what you are doing is...getting time to do what you want. Just stop for 10 minutes (yes, you can!). Ask yourself why you aren't able to find that "life" part of the balance. Do these reasons sound familiar?
  • I need to really dedicate myself to this business to make enough money to take that time off;
  • I'm really busy because I can't afford someone else to do some of the work;
  • I have it all in my head so I can't leave;
  • I'm ultimately responsible for the business' success;
  • As I expand there's even more work to do;
  • ...
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The Use Of Consultants – Why and When?

Full disclosure! I make my living as a business and management consultant, mainly to Indigenous organisations. I don't charge market rates, in fact working for myself I can afford to adjust my rates so that on occasions I can "give back" to worthy causes. The market rate for someone with my experience, especially if you compare to the Big 4 or other financial services firms is about $4,500 to $6,000 a day. I charge between $2,000 to $3,000 per day, and I'm proud to say that most of my clients are "repeat" clients in that I am called back from time to time to solve problems and help them continue to grow and improve. (more…)...
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How To Create A “Brand” For Your Small Business

"Your brand" is talked a lot about these days, but what is your "brand"? Your brand is not your logo. Coca-Cola is not about the logo or even the shape of the bottle. It includes all you feel when you think about Coke - fun, young, outdoors. Apple is not about the backlit macintosh apple with a bite out of it, it is all that it entails - design quality, Steve Jobs, the whole ecosphere of physical and software design surrounding tech. Everything about your business must align with the brand - the way you and your team behave, how you appear to customers, the business' values, the business' model, the messages it gives out and even the look and feel of marketing and ads. And yes, at the end, your logo needs to reflect and represent all that. (more…)...
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Succession Planning in Indigenous Organisations

In any organisation, succession planning is crucial to maintaining the momentum of the organisation, and in preserving corporate knowledge. For an Indigenous organisation, often short on documented procedures and corporate knowledge, and short of funds to build that documented history and strategy, it is doubly important. Good succession planning means that the organisations doesn't go into cycles of stop-start and rebuild. In particular, a good CEO and a high-performing and productive Chairperson and Board are critical to the success of an Indigenous organisation - you just can't hope for the best. So what are the things that an Indigenous organisation need to consider in succession planning? (more…)...
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