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Improve Your Board Induction Process

As an Indigenous Corporation incorporated under the CATSI Act, or even if you chose to incorporate under the Corporations Act or remain as an Association, you will have a Board with serious responsibilities and an important role in the governance of your corporation. From time to time, your Board members will change, or new ones are admitted. How do you handle their induction, if at all? Inducting an employee is an accepted process, and you probably have written procedures and some process to nominate a mentor to take them through their job responsibilities and introduce them to colleagues and so on. Yet, when it comes to Board members, many corporations leave it to the new inductee to learn about how it's done all┬áby themselves! You are doing well if you have a Directors' Board file with copies of the Rulebook or Constitution and previous Minutes, and welcome the new member with an informal coffee before you hand over a pile of reading. But we are all busier than ever today and often a new Board member may not be fully exposed to what the Board does. (more…)...
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