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Category Archives: Managing Indigenous Organisations

How Do Indigenous Corporations Prepare For The Unexpected?

As the Chairperson or CEO of an Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander corporation, or even as a Manager of a unit within one, I'm sure it will resonate with you when you hear that it's never "business as usual" for an Indigenous organisation. From one day to another, apart from running and managing your corporation, you will find external factors affecting how you operate and possibly even threaten your future. You know, for example, that from time to time, you face dangers from health & safety procedures. From time to time, governments change or their policies change and the security of your funding becomes an issue to worry about. While you might operate your standard processes for most of the day-to-day, the possibility of these risks worries you. But as a busy person, those are only the most likely ones - what about the hidden risks? (more…)...
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COVID-19: What If It Happens Again?

Risk has always been a reality for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations operating in a context where funding is irregular, activities and operations often in remote and dangerous locations, resources and sufficient training on procedures are scarce, the retention of corporate knowledge and succession of talent is always difficult to maintain, and the risk of fraud and corporate theft always at hand. The recent COVID-19 pandemic was an unprecedented, catastrophic event that shut down travel, put at risk vulnerable Indigenous Elders, and in some cases closed operations for several weeks. What if it or another more likely or more catastrophic event happened again? (more…)...
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What Is A Strategic Plan For, In An Indigenous Organisation, Really?

To many Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander organisations, a strategic plan is something that you are made to think is a good idea, that often is required for you to obtain funding. It's a box that grant-funders tick off as if to say that if you had a strategic plan you must automatically show you are deserving. Why? Do these agencies who insist on seeing your strategic plan actually review that plan to see that it is fit for purpose and appropriate for you? Do they subsequently check that you have implemented the plan and that it is driving you in the right direction? Do they care, other than to ensure they have done due diligence? That's the problem. A strategic plan should represent a flag on top of a hill that you strive toward. The reality? (more…)...
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Risk Management Planning

Here we are in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic when travel restrictions apply, social-distancing is the new normal, and our operations have been severely affected by these unprecedented times! Yet, for well-organised Indigenous corporations who have conducted Risk Management Planning, they will have been able to re-organise and pivot because of their plans. So, what is Risk Management Planning? (more…)...
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