Managing Indigenous Organisations

Does your PBI Indigenous Corporation need an Independent Director?

It has been argued that having independent Directors on the Board of your Indigenous corporation can be a great advantage. I've argued this myself in a previous article. Independent Directors provide your Board, and hence your corporation, with a wider view of the world that it operates in. No Indigenous corporation operates merely within the world of Government funding - most now have some interaction with Future Acts proponents, local commercial interests, social ventures and investment projects. However, what are the disadvantages, if any? And if there are any disadvantages, how do you still make it work for you? (more…)...
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Why Strategic Plans Fail

Most Indigenous organisations have been through a strategic planning process at some time in their history. Well run Indigenous organisations will repeat a strategic planning process once every 3 to 5 years. Strategic plans are important tools in the governance, growth and direction of an organisation. You should have an overall "strategic" helicopter view of where you want to go and how you get there, backed up by the more "on the ground" business plans that tackle detail of the strategies over a shorter time period. They establish strategic direction so that everyone pulls in the same direction and day to day decisions become easier (does it help us in our strategy to get to the desired end-point?). However most readers will say that in their experience, many if not most strategic plans haven't been followed - they have not been implemented. Why is that? Why go through an expensive and time-consuming exercise only to let it slide? (more…)...
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Recruiting an Independent Director for an Indigenous Corporation

In my honest opinion it is encouraging that more and more Indigenous corporations are seeking to appoint one or two independent Directors to their Boards. While it is important that the cultural priorities and prerogatives of an Indigenous organisation are held up as part of their Mission and Vision, to my mind this is not incompatible with having independent views on the Board. This can provide experience in areas where the Indigenous Board members do not yet have enough experience; can provide specific expertise in areas such as finance, the law and commerce; and can bring with it a wider network to help the organisation fulfil its mission in the wider world. However, due to the inexperience of Indigenous organisations in finding independent Board members, the process is fraught with danger. What should be the process? How do you actually recruit the right person? (more…)...
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